Welcome back to the week 10 blog post. Three more weeks and i’m not looking at my computer or emails for a month. Woooo 4 week winter vacay!!!

Anyways, this weeks topic is part 3 of trajectories of convergence. Part 3 includes hardware platforms, permissions and ideologies.

I’m going to use Apple and Android for this blog. Both technologies provide content platforms. Then we have the permissions, so, what apple and android LET users do on their devices. Then ideologies, your choice of device, WHY?

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What are you most likely to see in a dull lecture room? A heap of lit up apples. Apple is one of the most popular brands and that’s what it is – A BRAND. So many people buy Apple for the name and look, not for what it can produce. A lot of people buy apple because they generally have an iPhone and like to keep them all together as you can use iCloud and have everything connected in a weird tech way. But Apple control the content on all of their devices. They control what the device is as a whole and what it can do; what can be used on the device app wise and anything you want to do on it. Why do people pick a product that controls what you do on it? According to Barbara Findlay Schenck in her book “branding for dummies” she believes Apply buyers buy because of it’s brand. “Apple stands for fun, smart, sleek. It makes people feel good about who they are and who they want to be”.

So then if people pick Apple for the brand, why do people pick Android? According to Amanda, it’s affordability is a big factor. But it also comes back to it’s operating system. You can modify an android, you can download whatever you like for anything you want on an android. It’s a big thing for gamers with androids to be able to play games that would not be accepted on an iPhone.

What you buy and why you buy it comes back to your ideologies of brands and what you want in a device. Choose wisely.

This is just a little skit video I made for this week.