Hello everyone and welcome back to the week 9 blog. So crazy how quick this semester has already gone. Right, so this weeks topic is based around transmedia storytelling which, to put it basically is where bits of a fiction get distributed across multiple delivery channels to create a certain entertaining experience. But each medium has a unique bit of the story that’s unfolding.

So to explain all of this – I’m going to use my favourite example, The Kardashians.


So obviously the Kardashians have their TV show – Keeping up with the Kardashians.


Which is aired on Foxtel’s entertainment channel E! But then also runs on free to air channels at different times. The show is the main source of all things Kardashian but then many things run off the TV show.

So we have social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have Keeping Up With the Kardashian accounts as well as each family member running their own person pages. All post snippet videos or gifs of episodes there coming up or previous episodes promoting the drama.

Then we have the Kardashian personal apps of each family member. The apps promote different things for each members personal likings and what not. Also promoting their show and their lives. Gives a different insight into their word but all connects back to the show and what you see on there.

Then we have the massive Kardashian brand which is beauty products, clothes and then personal brands such as Kylie Cosmetics – Kylie Jenner’s beauty line and Good American – Khloe Kardashian’s jean brand and Kim Kardashian perfumes. These brands also promoting each member in their own individual way but also giving another bit of content connecting to their world and show. Then with their brands they have their Dash stores – which promote the Kardashian style and world.

Then next we have the Kim Kardashian game in iPhone and android which Kendall and Kylie also have a game also, Both reflecting the lifestyles that the girls live.

And then finally we have their books. We have Kardashian books that are all about their lives and then books that are stories written by the girls. Khloe Kardashian has her book ‘Strong looks better Naked’ and Kim Kardashian has her ‘Selfish’ books. All reflecting their lifestyles.

All these different platforms use different things to reflect the main platform of their lives but each give audience members a different experiences. Kardashian is a huge name and having everything they have produced all located back to one story of their life of a huge famous family.



Hi all. Here today I am posting to inform you all on a project I am conducting. My project is based around my curiosity to the question ‘Do students that study via distance miss out on professional guidance and experiences. Coming from a rural town with a University that only conducts 3 courses, gives students from rural areas more of an opportunity to study online as a lot of students have difficulty with the moving away from home process and wanting to continue to work or have families.

I have conducted many interviews with students that study online and gotten their thoughts and what they seem to manage with while studying online. A survey will be created within the next week also for absolutely anyone to move froward with more opinions on the matter. I will be posting the interview outcomes on my blog regularly so audiences can grab more of an insight to each individuals experiences.

I will be communicating with you all through Twitter, Facebook, Moodle and this blog with regular updates and research found that is connected to my project and what i’m trying to discover here. The research I have already conducted are very relevant and have helped me kicked off this project and put me in a direction and what I want to figure out.

With my survey information I will be able to gather statistics about the topic and put together the final thought of if online study is effective to students and if it’s really worth going to actual university if you can just study in the comfort of your own home. I hope for all of you to keep in the loop of my project process and are continuously interested. Any questions to be asked just contact me through any social media platform.