I thought that maybe the person that had wrote the subject outline had made a typo while writing Bollywood. But no, Nollywood is in fact a thing.

Nollywood is the film industry that takes place in Nigeria. Seeing as not many people have heard of it, it’s hard to believe that it is the third largest film industry in the WORLD being a 3 billion dollar industry.


Nollywood film has never been screened in a cinema which explains the absence of international knowledge of the industry, although since 2000 the industry has travelled and undertaken a wide audience. Nollywood film focusses on producing content from the street of Nigeria and continue presenting Nigeria culture in every film. Their audience is very important to them as they play a major role in the production of films. Making sure that the audience understands what the film is about and not critiquing any people on the street.


And then a tad further towards the other side of the world we have, SOUTH KOREA. The seventh largest film market in the world. Unlike Nollywood, internationally we are a little more familiar with this market, thanks to this guy.


The Korean Wave is what we’re calling the phenomenon of all things Korean entertainment. Also unlike nollywood South Korea takes great pride in exporting their cultural entertainment world wide to rub in just how good they are at it. They also have higher income levels and production values which makes it a little easier for Korea to produce and also export.

Get out there and watch something new tonight.



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Gangnam style




Everyone knows whats up, the media is ruling the world!!! I can honestly say i do not go a single day without using it. I wasn’t lucky enough to have the internet or anything at my house until i was maybe 14. All my friends were online and watching youtube videos and all that funny stuff. But the second i got my first mobile phone i was hooked and i haven’t looked back. Media convergence as with everything has it’s pro’s and con’s. I’m going to begin with the pro’s!



A mobile phone. This type of media has converged potentially everything you need into one little device. I have an iPhone and honestly i wouldn’t be anywhere without it. First thing’s first, it has an alarm in it and that wakes me up. Then, as a journalism student i have to be on top of local news and being honest here i’m not going to walk down to coles and spend $1.40 on the Illawarra Mercury when i have it’s very own app that has all the update of news everyday. Then, i want to know what is happening in the world, i check twitter. What is trending is your important stuff, then my news pages that you follows. I can know everything i need too in minutes. Then i’m going to want some wake me up music, either go into Apple music and put on what i want or i’m going to go on my radio app and listen to some triple J with Matt and Alex. I’m going to want to ask my mum for some money and i’m not doing that via smoke signal, i’ll hit her up with a quick text message. No need to have 100 devices to go through your average day when one product does all.

Another pro of media convergence is that the audience has so much more control in media. The audience member becomes more of a producer and not much a consumer. Audiences can put out their say in anything by posting online with their opinions and ideas. Produces sometime thrive off the audience or don’t but either way the audience are further in the loop than ever. The the involvement with the audience and producers is really important and maintaining audiences satisfaction when is comes to some of their favourite things. The internet is used by talented people that can’t catch a break anywhere in the big wide web, creating something online and getting a few thousands of views can make things go viral in minutes.


LOSING REALITY!!! It’s easy to get sucked in by the satisfaction of having this power of the media and being a completely different person and doing so many things inside, all day, everyday. It’s making people too lazy to get out and so real things because it’s making lives easier and also non realistic. You lose social skills by not associating with others, you lose friends to talk to. Laziness becomes very dramatic and that can make you emotionally and physically sick. An anxiety comes with all this media convergence. Is it really here to better or us or are things going to eventually get worse for all social lives?








Ohhhhh, when you nod you head yes, but you want to say noooo. Enough Justin Bieber for this blog post. I’m actually a couple weeks late on this post because the week i was supposed to do this i had 3 assessments due and this just got thrown under the table until today when i was wondering why i didn’t have as many posts as i should!


Looking at this picture without thinking about it in any context it is a signifier, an angry man, holding some cigarettes to his head in a gun form. There is obviously more meaning behind why this is happening in the picture. That’s when the signified comes in, your own ideology about what does this whole thing mean to you. My ideology behind this one is that when you smoke, your potentially giving something the power to kill you. If you don’t smoke it, it doesn’t have an power to kill you. Just like if you hold a gun to your head and don’t pull the trigger, it doesn’t have any other power to kill you but your individual movements. Think about it, you would intentionally smoke a cigarette, knowing the possibilities but you wouldn’t pull the trigger from a gun which can potentially have the same outcome as smoking a cigarette.

This image can be read in a lot of different way towards what the meaning is of cigarettes taking in a gun form. I guess it depends on each ideology especially when it comes to everybody’s own body morals. People that do smoke on a daily basis can have a totally different idea about this image. I know my dad would look at this and wouldn’t even see it as a message to not smoke (but he really doesn’t look into anything). Advertisement images create an different idea to each and every person based on the way they were brought up or their morals or what they do on a daily basis. Some people can really be dragged in by advertisements just by what they see. “Omg Kendall Jenner just put on the Estee Lauder lipgloss and now she is flawless and invincible i need to have it” – It’s an advertisement to make you think that is how you will feel wearing it. Look behind the advertisement, weeks, days and hours get put into preparation of the advertisement to make it perfect. Hours of editing after it is made is put in to making it perfect. Each to their own ideology but everything in daily life can be read a different way.




Yes, it does matter and you don’t really realise until you really think about it. Different people around Australia own and control certain parts of the media that we use and see. But when you think about it, the media is feeding you all this information with a certain opinion that you automatically just take in and believe.

The media is used by big corporations and ran by rich influential people to be used as a tool of power over the people. Everything written or spoken can be produced in a biased direction as all news can potentially be by media owners to persuade audiences.

I can honestly say that i have never sat down and read or heard a story that argues both sides and all details of the matter, especially when heard about Australian politics. It gives me anxiety that i am living in a world where i am being fed information about news stories with an biased and self centred opinion to potentially lead me into voting or believing in things that i only know one theory about. News stories that are “news worthy” are picked and chewed before anything hits the tv or the paper. I’m not reading about real problems that are happening around the world on a daily basis because apparently Australia isn’t capable of needing to hear about it. I actually have to search different news pages from around the world on twitter and google to find about legit news in third world countries.

Who owns and controls what you use is a huge anxiety in the media industry. Not only can you be fed biased information about news but also anything you share can be taken and not be recognised as your original information. Plenty of people (including me) don’t take the time out to read the privacy policies of websites. During this post i took the time, to realise that in some cases basically states that anything potential you post they own.

Bottom line is it really DOES matter who owns media resources as it matters how they use it towards their audiences. Audiences are an important part of running a media outlet, the big companies need to be careful on what they use to try and keep that audience.



Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 9.19.38 pm

The 21st century media is nothing less than scary. Not like when you were 12 and you had just started up your first bebo page and had to plug in the cord and wait 10 hours for the internet to connect along with the annoying alien nosies. Then your mum would scream ‘off the internet at 6, you’re costing me an arm and a leg’. The media today is included on every device you use in a normal day. That’s great if you’re an important business man that emails a billion people a day about important things. But, for the younger generation using media follows up with danger.

Anxiety overcomes all media users at some point throughout the experience, triggered mostly between the ages of 13-25. Cyber bulling is one of the most common anxieties caused by the media that we use. Anyone can say anything and be anyone behind a computer screen. The internet owns you and all of your content that you post. We expose our daily lives throughout Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and the other billion apps that are used daily. Allowing our friends and family to see what we are doing but anything you post can be held against you by any random person that comes across your post. Parents aren’t strict enough towards kids about how they use their devices causing them to explore media without the knowledge of bad things happening. It’s like an addiction, people get hooked on using media to expose a person inside of them that they wish they could be or are too scared to be.

People use the media also to voice their opinions on situations that are un-acceptable to say out in the open world. This causes anxiety as there are so many scenarios that can come from voicing your opinion online. Disapproval from viewers can cause backlash and can start a cyber bulling rampage with other people with the same views. A large group of social disapproval can lead to hate comments worse than the actual opinion. Opinions can be taken out of context of what you personally meant from people that do not have a clue who you are. Social humiliation can lead to affect your personal life such as your jobs or relationships just because you ‘tweeted’ how much you hated eating airport food but the people thought that you were being selfish because their are people with no food, it went viral and you’re seen as the bad person and have lost your job.

There are so many different aspects of media and how it is used by different audiences but the one thing that never dies is safety. Always remember that the media owns you once you post.




Well, if you insist. For my first blog post, for my first week of my first year of University we were asked the question ‘why are you here?’. My first thought to this was ‘holy shit, why am i actually here’. I’m not at university because i have to be, but because i want to be. I’ve always wanted to be a little out of the box and do something different and make a change in someone’s world.

I live on Campus so the week before uni started the leaders took all of campus east’s first year students to uni for a uni smart talk. The guy asked for a raise of hands of the students that are at uni to make their parents happy. There was a lot of students that raised their hands. Trust me when i say, but my parents tried to talk me OUT of coming to Uni. Both my parents pulled out of school when they were in year 10 and got jobs, none of my aunties, uncles or cousins have gone to uni and most likely my unenthusiastic 16 year old brother won’t make the move either. So it’s safe to say that i am here because I have a goal and I am going to get it with or without a goalie in the way.

I’m studying a bachelor of Communication and Media Studies, no not because Sue Turnbull is the lecturer (we all know that’s a lie). I don’t play music, but i listen to it…a lot and i’m a bit of a fanatic. My ultimate goal in life was to work for Channel V (801 or 803 for any of you late Foxtel viewers) and report from music festivals, interview current artist and just announce the latest music news to Australia. But as of recent weeks Foxtel has cut channel V and cut my life, so i’m dropping out of uni…I’m kidding but in my depressed stages of hearing the news, i would be lying if i said i didn’t consider it. i’ve jumped back on my horse and i love uni. Working for a music channel is still the ultimate dream but from what i am learning already, i could come out of uni wanting to do something completely different. I guess i’m here to figure all of that out. But jeez, i only have 4 and a half years to figure that out, how will i ever do it?


-In loving memory of Channel V- tumblr_o0vdd7GYYX1tp1cdlo1_500.gif