Hello everyone and welcome back to the week 9 blog. So crazy how quick this semester has already gone. Right, so this weeks topic is based around transmedia storytelling which, to put it basically is where bits of a fiction get distributed across multiple delivery channels to create a certain entertaining experience. But each medium has a unique bit of the story that’s unfolding.

So to explain all of this – I’m going to use my favourite example, The Kardashians.


So obviously the Kardashians have their TV show – Keeping up with the Kardashians.


Which is aired on Foxtel’s entertainment channel E! But then also runs on free to air channels at different times. The show is the main source of all things Kardashian but then many things run off the TV show.

So we have social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have Keeping Up With the Kardashian accounts as well as each family member running their own person pages. All post snippet videos or gifs of episodes there coming up or previous episodes promoting the drama.

Then we have the Kardashian personal apps of each family member. The apps promote different things for each members personal likings and what not. Also promoting their show and their lives. Gives a different insight into their word but all connects back to the show and what you see on there.

Then we have the massive Kardashian brand which is beauty products, clothes and then personal brands such as Kylie Cosmetics – Kylie Jenner’s beauty line and Good American – Khloe Kardashian’s jean brand and Kim Kardashian perfumes. These brands also promoting each member in their own individual way but also giving another bit of content connecting to their world and show. Then with their brands they have their Dash stores – which promote the Kardashian style and world.

Then next we have the Kim Kardashian game in iPhone and android which Kendall and Kylie also have a game also, Both reflecting the lifestyles that the girls live.

And then finally we have their books. We have Kardashian books that are all about their lives and then books that are stories written by the girls. Khloe Kardashian has her book ‘Strong looks better Naked’ and Kim Kardashian has her ‘Selfish’ books. All reflecting their lifestyles.

All these different platforms use different things to reflect the main platform of their lives but each give audience members a different experiences. Kardashian is a huge name and having everything they have produced all located back to one story of their life of a huge famous family.


Hello everyone and welcome back to my BCM blog after the recess week we all needed and deserved. This weeks topic is part two of trajectories and convergence topic that we spoke about in week 5 but we are focusing on the intellectual property paradigm and the content control industry.

Obviously if I had created something that was so incredible and an audience loved it and I was making money from it, then I would want to own it and not have anyone else with my creation and making money off it either. If you have an idea and you’ve worked hard on it, for someone to take it and use it then that’s not satisfying for any creative person which is why it’s good that copyright laws have come through.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 1.36.12 pm

Land Down Under is an iconic Australian song yet so is Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree. Copyright laws are made to protect anything created by someone so that it remains yours. Something so iconic like these songs and to have such a large audience to then years later have a dispute about a ‘flute riff’ used in Land Down Under that is originally used in Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree, is a good example of stealing and using someones original creation.

Is it too far to sue a band for a flute riff? Not at all – Land Down Under topped charts world wide and really it was getting all this fandom when it contains parts of another popular song, it was not 100% original.

How far should copyrighting go though? As Ted mentioned in the lecture, a man got sued for the bird noise in the background of a video that he has no control over.

Be careful kids, is anything out there really yours?



Hi all. Here today I am posting to inform you all on a project I am conducting. My project is based around my curiosity to the question ‘Do students that study via distance miss out on professional guidance and experiences. Coming from a rural town with a University that only conducts 3 courses, gives students from rural areas more of an opportunity to study online as a lot of students have difficulty with the moving away from home process and wanting to continue to work or have families.

I have conducted many interviews with students that study online and gotten their thoughts and what they seem to manage with while studying online. A survey will be created within the next week also for absolutely anyone to move froward with more opinions on the matter. I will be posting the interview outcomes on my blog regularly so audiences can grab more of an insight to each individuals experiences.

I will be communicating with you all through Twitter, Facebook, Moodle and this blog with regular updates and research found that is connected to my project and what i’m trying to discover here. The research I have already conducted are very relevant and have helped me kicked off this project and put me in a direction and what I want to figure out.

With my survey information I will be able to gather statistics about the topic and put together the final thought of if online study is effective to students and if it’s really worth going to actual university if you can just study in the comfort of your own home. I hope for all of you to keep in the loop of my project process and are continuously interested. Any questions to be asked just contact me through any social media platform.


Music Sampling and the rise of remix culture.


We all know the old classic turn table DJ set where they had to change records and work really hard to create a unique sounds but these days, hand someone a laptop with internet access and you have a DJ. Coming from a small town where every second person you met thought they were a DJ, I was like surly it isn’t that easy but yet it is.

The world of music is absolutely insane. There is one song released and the second it is, you better believe that it’s being remixed straight after. Audiences find art in taking something and making something out of it, weather that be to change it to their particular taste and style of music or to generally play around with what they have and make it their own, yet entertain an audience.

Soundcloud is a website where i generally find most remixes of songs as anyone can upload to the site and anyone can listen for free. Many people do remixes, mash-ups and bootlegs as DJ’s that want to create a fan base with their original sounds. With these kinds of things though comes copyright issues. Usually a remixer will have to have permission from an original owner to use their sound. A remixer should always give proper credit to an original artist before making something that is technically not yours, yours. But depending on what you’re making will depend on the law of copyrighting.

Where does all this music remixing bring us? Back to the point of media convergence and the fact that user empowerment is blowing up and will continue to do so with the rise of technology. It was so easy for me to google how to remix a song and find out step by step how to. I also found I had a free DJ app on my mac and you can drag any song into the app and play around with it and change the way the song sounds and what not.  The same with absolutely anything else you feel the need to make. The audience has the power to take anything and make it theirs with the big wide web in hand.

Some remixes that I have found on Soundcloud that I enjoy:

MOB – Tkay Maidza ( Joy. Remix)

Drop Your Love – Young Franco (Jafunk Remix)

Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake ( RICCI Bootleg)

Follow me on Soundcloud for more.

The power of networks.

Welcome to the week 6 blog everyone! This weeks topic is the power of our new networks that let us produce all sorts of content. This is connected to last weeks topic in the way of the gatekeepers being gone and any content being made and distributed.

Networking has become one of the most effective ways of getting information to an audience and an large audience at that. Users have found that one of the most effective ways to grab someones attention or produce an opinion is through memes. These examples from the NSW Police Facebook page are a solid example of the power they have found in using this kind of networking.


Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 3.26.29 pm.png

The police can write a post saying the same thing that would just be continuously scrolled past, but knowing the effective method of producing content that is actually looked at and enjoyed by users. We have become tired and bored with reading news let alone wanting to hear about it. In this world we are in it and memes bring us as audiences closer to news but also we have the ability to have more or an impact on the message.

NSW are using this meme network to their absolute advantage as this also comes around to propaganda. They’re using this medium to promote their biased thoughts on what is right and wrong. Without even noticing, it is being drilled into our internet fried brains and it sticks because we pay attention to these little memes.

It brings me to the thought of all this content being produced by anyone and any opinion taken with it, does that leave us with any trusted content? What do we believe? Do we fear what is coming within the meme warfare? I don’t know where I personally stand with any of it, I truly haven’t figured it out.


Trajectories of Convergence.

Hello and welcome to my week 5 blog for BCM112. Todays topic is ‘Trajectories of Convergence” – Ooooo lala, what does that mean?

So basically we are talking about the power of the audience with all these incredible media platforms we have access to. It’s actually a really scary thing to talk about. Ted said in one of our tutorials “There are two internets, the one people treat as a shopping mall and use for all your basics and then the one outside the shopping mall. The back ally ways, the internet where anything can be done.”

It’s true. ANYONE can produce anything on the internet. The audience are the creators. There are no gatekeepers. Anything can be made, anything can be said and it is taking control.

It is said that journalism is a dying field because anyone can create content, post it online, get an audience and make news. It is seen through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Journalists fear the internet as there are no gatekeepers to stop users from taking photos of anything happening and posting it online. But that also leaves the problem of false information, false photographs, false videos and absolutely anything that can be made on the internet.


I’m sure plenty can agree that a lot of us don’t look for news, it is brought to us through the platforms we decide to use. Internet users have the power to produce anything on a large scale and directly to an audience without any boundaries. The internet remains a main source though because everything you need is in that one tiny device.

So where does all this leave the audience with trust in content that is seen online? It’s all left in the unknown really. The audience chooses what they read and chooses what they believe which leads us to a big hole in the ground that everything is getting dragged into together.


The Medium is the Message: Part two.

Are you thinking what everyone else is thinking: ‘There possibly cannot be more to the medium is the message.’ Oh, well you’re very wrong.

We are talking about digital technology here PEOPLE! Isn’t it absolutely insane that literally anyone of us can jump online and make something. Even if we don’t know how to make it we can just do a quick google and find out. But then even if something goes wrong, the fault itself is another form of digital art.


Anything created can be a craft, there are all sorts of creativity. If you have thought of something that we’ve never seen before than good bloody on you, YOU’RE CREATIVE.

Glitching is this annoying things that happens when something isn’t loading properly and you guessed it,  it also has been made into a form of digital art. Check me outtttt.


What i’m trying to say is that take advantage of the use of digital media to create something. Anything can be created and they can change the way things happen. Think about this digital media thing as the medium also and think about that message.