Caffeine and a Vegan Feast

    LOCATION: Quay Canteen, Wollongong.  7th of April, 18. Ⓥ Vegan Friendly GF Gluten Free Options After a 3 hour SATURDAY MORNING exam, I was looking for my celebration in a scrumptious lunch. B1 was thinking cafe feast B2 (Dani) was also thinking cafe feast after her morning work shift. We always like to go… Continue reading Caffeine and a Vegan Feast


Getting Real & Trying to get a Post Grad Job?

It's all so exciting, finishing school, getting accepted into uni, having a gap year, moving away and squeezing in some travel BUT i'm about to get real AF. I cannot believe this will be my FOURTH year out of high school. I have had my gap year and i'm in my last year of uni… Continue reading Getting Real & Trying to get a Post Grad Job?