Attention, presence and place.

Hello everyone, welcome to the week 8 blog post for BCM241. This weeks topic as seen in the heading is all about attention, presence and place. In this day and age it’s obvious that the three are all effected by the way we use our media sources. We are addicted to posting about where we are and what we are doing and showing the world our day to day lives.



This week a task for our blog has been to create a fun and informal test to see what happens to others attention spans while different media devices are around us. My idea was to keep a close eye on what happens to my friends while we are either at home or out somewhere when there are media devices around and keep a record.

The first test I did was in my lounge room at home with my roommate. Around dinner time we sit together and eat and put on the TV but we usually just have it as background noise as we eat. I put on Gossip Girl, which is a TV show we both LOVE. And noticed that while we were eating dinner, I would start different conversations and her attention was 100% not on me. She would finally take her eyes off the TV and say “Sorry, what did you say?” But when the TV isn’t on we are usually very chatty and have one another full attention. I find TV with children also a major distraction when trying to speak to them.

I then also went out for lunch with another friend. When we got there we chatted and ordered food but her phone was on the table the whole time and as she received some sort of notification, the conversation would stop and and she would check her phone and then get involved again. Then we would eat and after that all conversation was dead and we both sat there checking all social media or posting photos of the food we just ate.

Even at the beach where it’s probably not a convenient place for technology to be. We take photos and then post them and show off what our day has consisted of.

So, to wrap things up here, it’s obvious that our attention span has shortened since the rise of media. We are worried about saving the memories and capturing them, rather then living in the moment and enjoying that particular moment and savouring it in our hearts. The place, does not matter, all media types are used everywhere and people are sentiently distracted.

For yourselves, next time you’re out and about or just hanging out with friends, take a look around you and see what people are doing in those moments of life.


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