Day trip to the movies, gone wrong?

Hello all blog viewers, welcome to the week 5 blog. I’m extremely late on writing this post. I’m usually on my blogs every week, excited to write and get it out there but unfortunately life has gotten in the way these last couple weeks and the blogs were pushed back. But never mind, i’m back now, so lets get this party started (Que. P!nk).

This week we were asking to write about our cinema experiences. Good or bad experiences at that. I can say i’ve defiantly had both. I’m going to tell a little story about the bad experience and if you have experienced something similar, I would love to hear about it. Tweet me or leave comment on this blog.

I’m going to start with the bad experience and this happened to me when I was very young. It would’ve been one of the few first times I had ever been to the movies. It was the day that Finding Nemo came out and at Dubbo Reading Cinemas, this was a big636236400547910118283113540_finding-nemo-poster.jpg event. My mum, was a day care mum at the time and she looked after six kids a day plus my brother and I. Her day care group of friends met us at the cinema and all of us together there would’ve been around 30 kids. My mum and her friends are buying the tickets and there was only enough tickets left for the kids and not the parents. The cinema employee walks my mum in to sit us all down but after that she had to leave as did the other day care mums.

About 10 minutes into the commercials I see my mum and her friends running up the stairs covering their faces. I remember saying to my mum “I thought you didn’t have a ticket?” And she replied, “I bought one to Scooby Doo but came in here instead.” I laughed it off and got stuck into the movie. About halfway through the cinema employee is doing the rounds of ‘get your feet of the seat’ and ‘please be quiet’ and then she notices my mum and her friends sitting on the stairs and not seats. This leads to the employee asking mum and her friends to leave the cinemas and for breaking the rules are band from the premises.

These day care mums then go into full blown mum mode and start an argument with the employee. We then all have the leave the cinema, I didn’t get to see the end of Finding Nemo AND I left my bloody popcorn on the seat. I was livid.

So I can tell you, that cinema experience was one of kind but these days, I can’t tell you if there would be that many people there or if what happened to my mum and her friends would happen. Relating to Hagerstrands constraints and cinema attendance, they’re all pretty relevant.

  1. Capability constraints – For the finding memo experience this was a big thing to do physically. My mum and her friends had to plan the day accordingly. Make sure each child and money to get a ticket and something to eat. How they were going to get all the kids there and be there at a certain time. It’s mayhem and a lot of people wouldn’t bother doing that.
  2. Coupling constraints – Timing. It’s everything, especially when it comes to the movies. Who has the time to go let alone with a thousand kids.
  3. Authority constraints – As my mum experienced the authorities would not let her see the movies as there wasn’t a seat for her. And then she got in trouble for doing so.

These all make sense and effect the way people go to the movie and why they would.

Have a thing about your personal experiences and what you have had to do to go and watch film.

See you all in my next post, as crush would say, fin, nogan, dude.


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