Research Project Pitch.

Hello all, welcome back. If you are reading, this is a project pitch for BCM241. Our topic this semester if you don’t know already is media, audience and place. So sit back, relax and have a read. If you have any comments or suggestions about the pitch, I would be happy to hear them. Either tweet me or leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

So, i’ve been thinking about the whole media, place and audience thing and ultimately the place where I see most people using media is at university.

Last year was my first year of uni and I rocked up with my note book and pen and nearly 90% of the students either in tutorials or lectures had their laptops open and ready to go. Personally I like using pen and paper as I find for me, it’s the best method of remembering content but also it’s reliable enough to know it’s not going to shut down any second and lose everything I have.



Sometimes, I find myself taking my laptop to uni if I feel like I just want to chill out on it or if I know in class we will be using the computer to do some work and I don’t want everyone to see what i’m doing on the big iMac.

Then after that you go home, open the computer back up and keep on doing what you are doing with your other 1000 tabs open, looking at Facebook, talking to your friends, absolutely anything.

So for my project, I would like to gather data from student resources. Focus groups with students from my classes grabbing their opinions on media at the university and what they do with their laptops while in lectures and tutorials. I would also like to collect data from each lecture I attend and see hoe many students in each one have their laptop open but to also catch a glimpse of what each of them are doing during the class.

I would like to set up interviews with students to understand what personally they do with media while at university and studying. Understand how long it takes them to do something at different times. Weather they sit in front of the television while trying to study and weather they go back and forth from social media sites.

I would like to ask students to participate in an activity of using pen and paper all week for classes and see what the difference is in their techniques of study. Weather they felt they worked better or learnt more without technology interfering.

I would like to post my experiences on an active blog through  out my research, with videos and photos to update and keep people involved and interested.

Lets jump into and see what students are actually learning and how long it takes them to finish work without technology involved.



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