Old School Television.

Hello all and welcome back to my week 2 post for BCM241.

For this weeks exploration of the topic media, audience and place, we had to speak to someone older than us about their experience with television. I decided to speak to my Grandma, Flo Ashby this week about what television was like for her and her family when she was growing up. I’ve heard bits and bobs about her childhood. She grew up on a farm with her parents and two sisters but I have never got on to the topic of technology in her era.


Flo in her current home.

Resource: Taken by Rebecca Fuller.

It was interesting to find out that Grandma never had a TV in her home that she grew up in, in Queensland. They weren’t around for a long time and when they FINALLY were, not everyone could afford them. Grandma’s childhood was working on the farm she lived at and rounding up the cows daily. It was so intriguing to hear all about her childhood and how much she loved working on the farm and being with her family. No technology at all. It’s hard to imagine that’s how she grew up, compared to how myself and my brother have. Much to grandmas disgust, we grew up watching all kinds of shows and channels. Lucky enough we always had pay TV, so we had as much as you could imagine. Somehow, with all the entertainment we had, it seemed to never be enough, where my grandma was just happy to round the cows everyday and be with her family.

Grandma went on to be a nurse after her days on the farm and lived at the nurses home. They didn’t have a TV there either and yet she still felt like she hadn’t been missing anything. The wireless was their main source of news and to this day she would still prefer to listen to the wireless rather than watch TV. The first TV she experienced was after living in the nurses home she went to live with her family again in Southport and they had a black and white TV that they rarely watched. She said that the only thing at that point she remembered watching was skippy. She would watch it with her sister and they would sit on the floor in front of the TV.  Her first TV she owned was bought with my grandfather when they married in 1965 and she had that TV until the 2000’s.

Grandma currently has a flat screen smart TV that she only turns on at half past 5 somedays to watch The Chase and The News. She never has it on during the day and if she wants to watch something that is based on the Royal family and she has to change the channel, my mum goes and gets the channel ready so when she turns the TV on it’s ready to go. She has no interest in learning about technology or the internet and is happy living in her old fashioned lifestyle.

Obviously it’s interesting for myself and any other baby boomer, to listen and understand how someone was raised in a completely different era without any technology and still not feel the need to have any and go through life without it. I use various devices every day for different things and find myself not coping without them. I talked to my grandma more about her childhood and I could forever. I would have loved to live in the era she did. She remembers everything so deeply and holds her up bringing very close to her heart.



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