Hello semester two, nice looking at ya’.

Hello all, welcome back to the blogging for semester two. Look, the month break was really rough and I did not enjoy it at all (Is that what i’m supposed to make you think?) But I am excited to be back at it and getting my mind functioning again.

I’m here blogging for my class this semester – BCM241 – obviously lectured by the one and only Sue Turnbull (Love your work) This class is all about media, audience and place. I hope to figure out the inner workings of the three and how they all connect. Anyway, lets jump into the blog shall we?

This is a little introduction of myself being in a media space.

I find personally, that I am always in a media space. If I am in my room, i’m on my laptop watching something on some form of media, or on Facebook with my friends. Then wherever I go, I have my phone in my hand. I connect on many different platforms of media on my phone. Tweeting about my day, Instagraming pictures of my day, Snap chatting things i’m doing during my day, messaging my friends on Facebook. There is no way i’m never not in a media space.

Snapchats latest update includes an option to go onto a map and pin point down to a street name of where one of your Snapchat friends are. You can choose to have your platform on ‘ghost’ so people cannot see where you are but if you’re public, they can see where you are. If I have that option on, I continuously am in a media space, where my every move is followed. I find it scary in some cases but other wise I find it intriguing and astonishing to know this is the world we live in now. There are so many ways to do different things and how we connect together to one media platform is incredible. 20464247_1744228059212166_107106370_n.jpg

My current Snapchat map. I can see all my friends from home (Dubbo) and were they are and who they are with. But, I can also see a few of my friends in Europe, America and Thailand. It shows when someone is in the car or even in a plane. Therefore this media space is constant and no matter where I am or what i’m doing, i’m connected.


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