Hey everyone, welcome back to the week 11 blogpost. This is the last one before submitting them all for online presence in BCM112. Exciting stuff.

We all know we have some sort of online persona, even if we think we are completely ourselves. I know personally that on Facebook and Instagram, I make my life look fun and exciting at all times. I never post anything about the boring things I do or half the time when i’m doing nothing at all but lying in my bed. I don’t post the stuff about having to go to uni and studying and going to my weekend job. It’s all out with friends either eating or partying.

As said in the lecture, having an online persona is like wearing a mask and wearing clothes. There’s so much more to a person that you don’t know about when you see them from a social media platform. Which I guess is a perk when wanting to design your own life and feel good about yourself, but there also needs to be a reality check on that.

In an article by the Huffington Post, it is said that maintaining an online image is becoming so important as it now promotes a brand and and helps expand you social network. You see this through YouTubers, especially vloggers and lifestyle bloggers. Their life and image has to be exciting enough to maintain audience interaction with their content.

We all have an online persona, no matter how hard we try to keep it as real as possible there are things we post for a reason and things we don’t post for a reason.




  1. Hey Girl!

    I always love your posts. I like how you keep it simple and straight forward. You are really good at just explaining things in a very comprehendible way. I LOVE IT. If you want to add an additional little guide to creating an online persona I thought this one was great:

    Keep up the good work, and see you in class!


  2. Oh my gosh, it’s the last week, legit how exciting!!! Honestly agree with all the points you highlighted in this post; because who ever highlights the struggle street when we can choose to only post about the good stuff ! right ! The whole catfish aspect as well just adds another layer to your post and I love it! Still don’t know how to feel about the ‘mask’ of it all, but here’s to YouTubers and lifestyle vloggers that have successfully made their brands through such careful crafting!! Wish there were a couple more visual elements, but overall short and sweet ! 😀


  3. Hey! This post is amazing! I love how everything you say is genuine and straight to the point! your blog is always a good and an easy read – and most importantly with good graphics which mean that audience engagement in being created! The fact that you included an expert from the Huffington post was so good and it just flowed through the post. Amazing job! I myself am guilty or promoting my own modified image. xxx


  4. I completely agree with this! We often get consumed in the ways of other people in social media and we have to ground ourselves and remember we only post the best parts too! I really like how you incorporated the Huffington Post link as well, really insightful! I often think should I start posting anything and everything, but I value my Instagram aesthetic too much that I can’t (I swear I’m not vain I’m just obsessed with Instagram!) Great post!


  5. Hey Bec,
    Nice post, very straight to the point. Simple and easy to follow explanation you have given, really flows on from the lecture. The article you used was a nice addition, this is another source that gives a bit more information, because you didn’t really have any more sources, But otherwise a really easy to understand post, with good information and personal insight into the topic.
    Thanks, Daina.


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