Music Sampling and the rise of remix culture.


We all know the old classic turn table DJ set where they had to change records and work really hard to create a unique sounds but these days, hand someone a laptop with internet access and you have a DJ. Coming from a small town where every second person you met thought they were a DJ, I was like surly it isn’t that easy but yet it is.

The world of music is absolutely insane. There is one song released and the second it is, you better believe that it’s being remixed straight after. Audiences find art in taking something and making something out of it, weather that be to change it to their particular taste and style of music or to generally play around with what they have and make it their own, yet entertain an audience.

Soundcloud is a website where i generally find most remixes of songs as anyone can upload to the site and anyone can listen for free. Many people do remixes, mash-ups and bootlegs as DJ’s that want to create a fan base with their original sounds. With these kinds of things though comes copyright issues. Usually a remixer will have to have permission from an original owner to use their sound. A remixer should always give proper credit to an original artist before making something that is technically not yours, yours. But depending on what you’re making will depend on the law of copyrighting.

Where does all this music remixing bring us? Back to the point of media convergence and the fact that user empowerment is blowing up and will continue to do so with the rise of technology. It was so easy for me to google how to remix a song and find out step by step how to. I also found I had a free DJ app on my mac and you can drag any song into the app and play around with it and change the way the song sounds and what not.  The same with absolutely anything else you feel the need to make. The audience has the power to take anything and make it theirs with the big wide web in hand.

Some remixes that I have found on Soundcloud that I enjoy:

MOB – Tkay Maidza ( Joy. Remix)

Drop Your Love – Young Franco (Jafunk Remix)

Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake ( RICCI Bootleg)

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