Trajectories of Convergence.

Hello and welcome to my week 5 blog for BCM112. Todays topic is ‘Trajectories of Convergence” – Ooooo lala, what does that mean?

So basically we are talking about the power of the audience with all these incredible media platforms we have access to. It’s actually a really scary thing to talk about. Ted said in one of our tutorials “There are two internets, the one people treat as a shopping mall and use for all your basics and then the one outside the shopping mall. The back ally ways, the internet where anything can be done.”

It’s true. ANYONE can produce anything on the internet. The audience are the creators. There are no gatekeepers. Anything can be made, anything can be said and it is taking control.

It is said that journalism is a dying field because anyone can create content, post it online, get an audience and make news. It is seen through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Journalists fear the internet as there are no gatekeepers to stop users from taking photos of anything happening and posting it online. But that also leaves the problem of false information, false photographs, false videos and absolutely anything that can be made on the internet.


I’m sure plenty can agree that a lot of us don’t look for news, it is brought to us through the platforms we decide to use. Internet users have the power to produce anything on a large scale and directly to an audience without any boundaries. The internet remains a main source though because everything you need is in that one tiny device.

So where does all this leave the audience with trust in content that is seen online? It’s all left in the unknown really. The audience chooses what they read and chooses what they believe which leads us to a big hole in the ground that everything is getting dragged into together.



2 thoughts on “Trajectories of Convergence.

  1. HI Bec! I really enjoyed your post as it was informative, without becoming too complicated. I liked how you included the quote from Ted as I feel that really defines the trajectories of convergence and how large the Internet is and their power to become active participants (posting their own content) rather than remaining a passive audience. I totally agree with the point that Internet content can be difficult when it comes to news sources as it can turn subjective when people begin to choose what they do and do not believe because there are so many sources out there. A great post!


  2. Hey Bec, the quote you used was great, because it forms a basic overview and makes the rest of the blog post easy to read. my only criticism is, you could include some hyperlinks, or some background to who ted is, as people reading who don’t take BCM112 might be confused, and it would also open to a wider audience. Otherwise a really interesting blog!


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