The Medium is the Message: Part two.

Are you thinking what everyone else is thinking: ‘There possibly cannot be more to the medium is the message.’ Oh, well you’re very wrong.

We are talking about digital technology here PEOPLE! Isn’t it absolutely insane that literally anyone of us can jump online and make something. Even if we don’t know how to make it we can just do a quick google and find out. But then even if something goes wrong, the fault itself is another form of digital art.


Anything created can be a craft, there are all sorts of creativity. If you have thought of something that we’ve never seen before than good bloody on you, YOU’RE CREATIVE.

Glitching is this annoying things that happens when something isn’t loading properly and you guessed it,  it also has been made into a form of digital art. Check me outtttt.


What i’m trying to say is that take advantage of the use of digital media to create something. Anything can be created and they can change the way things happen. Think about this digital media thing as the medium also and think about that message.


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