The Medium is the Message.



The first time I heard this phrase was last year in BCM110. And till this day, i’ll be honest it confuses the hell out of me. But I have a little problem of thinking too much into things and have to a take a step back and just think about in a different way. Ted showed many examples in the lecture that made me grasp a concept of what I believe ‘The Medium is the Message’ means.

I think that the medium is the message is such a broad concept that narrows down to how as an individual or in groups of people we interpret messages at any point. Circumstances change all the time when interpreting a message by technology or your placement at a time or where you go looking, it never ends. It is a large circle that keeps spinning and broadening.

I made this meme because The medium is the message IS a very confusing concept but to just think about it a little longer and take a step into a few example you will pick up something.



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