Here I am with my research proposal.

Coming to university was a really big deal for me. I have been born and raised in the central west of New South Wales in a town named Dubbo. They have a Charles Sturt University in Dubbo but they only do minimal courses and Communications and Media Studies was not one of them. I applied for many different places but UOW was the one for me.

I had a gap year before I moved to the South Coast as I worked two jobs in order to save enough money to make the move and then live comfortably for a little bit. I was at a friends house one night when her roommate asked me “Why don’t you just do your course via distance online? Because I do that and still live at home” But then I simply asked back “Do you find it hard not having a teacher to guide you?” I never gave doing uni online a thought and when I did after hearing the option I instantly thought that I was not going to learn a thing that way. Which brings me to my research question in relation to the future of universities: “Do students who study via distance online, miss out on professional guidance compared to students that study on campus.” With this question I would like to identify different aspects of learning through online and on campus.

I will interview and ask questions to both students that study on campus and also via distance. I have already reached out to students that study via distance and will be able to interview them through email with my questions. I will justify the reasoning behind their choice of studying on campus or via distance and what their thoughts are on the way they are learning. I would also like to hear about the experiences of both parties and if they would like to try a different aspect of university.

With this question I hope to show the real difference between studying circumstances and as to why students choose to study a certain way. I would like to also show the future of online study and conduct a survey to see where students see the future of studying going.

By the end of this project I hope to have a solid understanding of different students circumstances when studying and have a view of the future of universities.





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