Welcome, to what you are about to witness. This is the inner workings of my crazy, overthinking brain. I am currently, well have been currently writing and making an absolute mess of my note book whilst thinking of different things I can/want to create for my BCM112 Digital Artefact.

First I was thinking I obviously have to create something that I am interested in so that way I can actually maintain it and actually want to and therefore making it great. So first what are my interests:

  • TV shows – One Tree Hill, The OC, Gossip Girl, Suits (There is more but i’ll stop there)
  • Reading – I read a different book every 1-2 weeks.
  • Having a good time on the weekend (I might leave that on the weekend too)
  • Makeup
  • Writing
  • Helping People

Okay, so now that I have gotten that out of the way, i’ll move onto what I can potentially make with some minor skills I have and figure out if my soul and personality is enough to create:

  • Video – I have always had an interest in video and photography and could create something with the skills I think I have in that sector.
  • Podcasting – I did JRNL102 last year and got the hang of the recording skills and process and editing the audio pieces. I did also really enjoy this class.
  • Website – This I do not have any experience in and I think when it comes to making something eye catching and pretty, I don’t really think too much out of the box.
  • Apps – I’m always on my phone, so I defiantly could figure something out that way.

Idea One.

So, my first idea was to create a website or an app or even a youtube channel that aims to inform people on things such as sicknesses in a modern language and to turn the technical talk down. I have a class mate that passed away this year 19 years old from cancer. But I don’t know the details of the type of cancer or what it did to him and if a doctor were to tell me i’m not sure I would understand, I would probably have to google a whole lot of things.

The only problem I have with this idea is that it is a lot to put on me as I would have to research and talk to people to make sure that what I know is true facts and I actually am correct in everything that I talk about. False information on this topic can be bad.

Idea Two.

This one I am VERY excited about the more I think into. I was thinking into the things i’m interested in and know that I could talk absolutely anyones ears off about a book I love or a TV show. So, I though I could start up a youtube channel and do a little series of videos and name it ‘Pillow talk with Bec.’ Where I just sit on my bed and do a review of things that are trending such as a product of some kind, a book, a TV show or even just some recent news that everyone is talking about and just give my insight on it. I could sometimes have a guest that can come and talk about it too and just make it entertaining and fun for not only myself but for and audience to watch also.

Idea Three.

So, with this one. I was laying in bed having a big think about everything as I always do and then come up with this idea. I could create a Facebook page where I would be an admin and  people can message me a late night thought that have had and I post it anonymously on the page and people – strangers can comment and give some advice and what not. A problem I have with this is obviously I don’t have a start up audience and don’t know if i could get one and also don’t know if anyone will trust a stranger with a thought. I also don’t know if anyone will comment back and also I can’t guarantee that all comments will be nice.

All ideas I like but I really like the second one as I have many ideas I can jump into with that and be unique and just have my own back. Let me know what you guys think either by commenting on this post or tweeting me!




  1. I absolutely love the second one!! I think it’s important though to have an element that differs from what others have; you could always do like a live stream book talk on YouTube (maybe at night?); but then you still have to gather an audience! I still love all your ideas.


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