I have sat in my bed for two nights in a row now, laptop open, re-reading the slides from the lecture and overthought the content that was discussed. Thinking about the meaning of curiosity and what comes from it, is a very broad discussion of the unknown.

What I have made of the word curiosity come from what I have done when I have been curious. I have been curious when I have gone out with a friend and met up with their friends and you get a brief introduction of these people. Then, I have been curious about who these people are or who they have been before I have met them. What do these people do during the week and where are they from. I also think that these people know a certain version of myself, one of the many version of my lifetime. To put my mind at ease you ask the people that you know, that know them more about their stories but then you can also go to Facebook and take a look at their timeline. The story there is that you still don’t know much about these people because you haven’t heard anything directly from their mouth. So, what is really true about them, you don’t know and maybe never will know.

Connecting research to curiosity is an easy thought because if you’re curious about something you think that you can just ask someone. Or in an easier case, just google something. But there is more to that research that really connects your curiosity because you have to be satisfied with the answer, that being if you believe what you have found out or if it is what you expected of someone or something.

In ‘The Psychology of Curiosity: A review and Reinterpretation’ By George Lowenstein it is said that “Curiosity has been consistently recognised as a critical motive that influences human behaviour in both positive and negative ways at all stages of the life cycle.” Which I find to be such a true statement. At every age we find a different sense of curiosity. When we are children, curious about everything and we go to school to learn these things we think about. When we are teenagers and we are curious about our selves and everyone else and the world.

There is so much to being curious and I think that the way we take our curiousness and turn that into facts is in the way we research what we want to know.



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