BCM112 Introduction Blogpost.


Hi all that are reading, welcome to my blog that is Bec Fuller.

As you can probably see i’ve already done a few post from previous classes. I am a second year Communications and Media Studies student majoring in journalism. My first year was a whirlwind of craziness. I moved from my hometown of Dubbo to the coast and had to learn my way around a whole new city, meet new people, start studying again after a previous gap year and how to live alone.

I knew when coming to uni that I want to learn and study as much as I could around the journalism and media world but I also know myself and overloading myself with too many classes would not have put my results at the peak that I know they can be. So I shuffled things around and that’s where I ended up taking this class in my second year.

I am really excited to get right into the core of BCM112. I feel like it will teach me so much more to a different angle of the media and new skills that I hope to carry with me throughout my future.


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