What’s Hidden – A Weekend Addiction.

Song: Ah Yeah – Will Sparks. 

Cleo is a 20-year-old bar tender from Dubbo, New South Wales. She has lived in Dubbo her whole life and has always hated the lack of things to do in the rural town. When Cleo turned eighteen she found the new freedom of heading out to the local night club every weekend and partying, finding the fun she had been looking and waiting for.

Continuously going out Cleo found that going out and drinking every weekend was getting expensive as she started drinking more alcohol every weekend. In early 2016, a friend offered Cleo to buy a ‘party pill’ from him at an eighteenth birthday party. At first she was nervous and unsure of the consequences of taking an illegal drug but took the drug as her friends were also taking them. Cleo felt as though she wanted to take the drug because she wanted to have the same fun as her friends the night of the party. The party pill that Cleo took was a cap of MDMA, one of the many forms of ecstasy.

Cleo now has the problem of continuing to search for the first high she hit when she first took a party pill. She cannot have a night out without taking a drug as she agrees that drugs are cheaper than drinking and also more fun. She now admits that she is addicted to the high and as her body gets used to the substance, she has to buy more for a better advantage.

Cleo’s best friend Alex heads out with her frequently but chooses not to take drugs. Alex worries about Cleo and the addiction she has taken on. She fears that if she isn’t with Cleo to keep an eye on her and look after her while out, that Cleo will either have a bad reaction to the drugs or get caught with something she shouldn’t have. She speaks openly to Cleo about her feelings towards the drugs and the addiction but Cleo chooses to ignore any advice offered by Alex.

Cleo chooses to hide that she takes illegal drugs from her parents and most of her friends, as she fears the reaction. She fears the outcome of people knowing and sharing possible information about her habit. As she continues to do drugs the less she cares about the possible outcomes, as she admits she is young and just having fun.

* Names have been changed.




All other audio self recorded.


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