Day to day, I know myself but also a lot of other people listen to music. Music is accessible everywhere but it is also a type of entertainment for the context that we live in.

In other countries though, music was not or still isn’t a luxury for one. In South Africa music was a sense of voicing an opinion, The music gave the people hope for the future of Africa and the people. The white population had power of South Africa and maintained a resistance which has them withdrawal from trade and sales.

South African music produced expression about the resistance and the power of the white popularity and eventually moved forward the process of the reform of South African government. The music being so powerful it could not be ignored.

Each song produced has relevance to acts being performed by the government and all came with lyrics that would be relatable to other South African people. The impact was so powerful it could not be ignored.

It is said that music is as a political tool used internationally.For example, in the USA Pink wrote and performed a song ‘Dear Mr President‘, that has effects on the world emotionally. She sang about the issues politically happening at the time and the world followed her stand.

Music is a tool that connects with people all in individual ways. Politically it is shown that it can empower the people and help towards a movement of the government taking the peoples under their wing.



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