Sure, we have all heard of the word Globalisation but many people do not have a clue as to extent of it. Globalisation is international integration of all things technical, products, cultures, world views and many other things. With the growth of everything people begin to be more interdependent but also more in control.

Globalisation is divided into five dimensions. The dimensions include ethnoscapes, mediascapes, technoscapes, financescapes and ideoscapes. As globalisation rises, each of the dimensions shift at at rapid speed.

One of the most rapidly influenced dimension is technoscapes. Technoscapes shift daily with the rise of technology in big and small aspects, communication and media wise but also industrial wise. Technology has been the most rapid growth worldwide and technoscapes puts in all the details of the growth that is important to government information.

Great things come with technoscapes such as the the ability to use many things in an easy way and be able to communicate, build and provide much more to communities. But with great growth and strength can come great weaknesses. The sense of reliability on certain things and the aspect of overloading and overbuilding.

Many things that circulate what 2016 is, is because of the rapid growth of globalisation in every aspect. International media would not be able to grow without the rise of everything. International communication at all, would be non-existant.

Next time that you’re using a product, think about the background of how you ended up with it in your little hands.





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