In loving memory of Darcy Obray.



I interviewed a very good friend of mine Darci, that I have known my whole life. She spoke to me about losing her pop when she was 13. I was around when this event actually took place and knew it was something that was always on her mind. She has said to me that time doesn’t heal anything and she still feels all the same emotions in the same extent that she did that day, today and everyday since she lost him.

We spoke for about 20 minutes and in a lot of detail, so my edits stayed true to her real emotion around the most detailed parts of her story. We sat in a quiet room and I didn’t have to ask her anything, she just remembered day to day of the time in detail and spoke until she was finished. I used the deep breaths and the sound of her voice shaking when she was crying or about to cry to emphasis her true emotion. I put in background music of a piano being played throughout. The music has a sad feel to it but also a feel of hope or happiness as she also talks about her pop in his legacy and the overall type of man that he was. That music was perfect as it was a representation of her pop – Darcy.

I added in sounds of an old man having some banter at the beginning when she speaks about what type of man he was because he was always laughing. I also added some baby noises when she talks about being born and being named after her pop. I added in sounds of a cigarette being lit and some coughing when she speaks about Darcy being sick as it is the main detail of the story and I really wanted to emphasis how important that part is. Then at the end I added the sound of hospital beeping as Darcy passes away to add that bit of extra emotion behind her speaking as many people are familiar with that noise and what can follow it.

Journalistically I believe that this story has some relevance to everyone. Everyone has lost someone and sometimes, hearing others speak about their hard times makes it easier to not feel alone while going through your own hard times. Sometimes people come together to remember their loves and lost and listening to people speak about their loved ones in such an honest and emotional way can help others mend. It defiantly is a relatable story to many people with their own stories and hearing her cry and speak so highly of someone she loves can let people reminisce on times with their own.

In the week 2 lecture it was said that sound is intimate and creates a one on one relationship. We then listened to ‘Will Kate survive Kate” and Kate’s mum being interviewed states “This is kind of like re-living it all” (Kate’s mother, will Kate Survive Kate, 2015) while speaking. I took this into consideration because of the emotion in both Kate’s mums voice as well as Darci’s, it creates the sense of the audience being there with them at the time it took place, as well as the amount of detail.

In the week 4 lecture about actuality and the voice, there was a quote from Gay Wilson “same anecdote, lightly edited, floating in bed of playground actuality and school bell” To create the effect of atmosphere and to evoke an era. Which I found was true when adding sounds such as the baby noise and the old man laughing.

In the American life podcast episode 594, he adds different music behind speakers to create some sort of feel behind the story. That’s what I wanted to grasp about Darcy by the music played in the background. I want audiences to be able to feel all of these different things just by listening closely enough.


Will Kate Survive Kate, (2015) Podcast, viewed 30th of August.


McHugh, S (2016) Lecture 4 “Actuality and the voice”, 15th of August 2016.

Ira Glass (2016) My Summer Self, podcast, viewed 30th of August 2016 .


Sound sources.

Background music:https://www.freesound.org/search/?q=sad+piano+music

Old man laughing:https://www.freesound.org/search/?q=old+man+laugh

Baby crying:https://www.freesound.org/search/?q=baby+crying

Cigarette being lit:https://www.freesound.org/search/?q=match+being+lit&f=&s=score+desc&advanced=0&g=1

Hospital beeps:https://www.freesound.org/search/?q=hospital+beeps

Audio Log:

Time Content – Summary Evaluation
0.02 “Darcy, was my pop, great man, real, real character” ** Clear Voice but breathing wind noise.

Old Man laughing (banter)

0.07 “He was the rock of our family. A really, really good guy.” ** Clear voice but a bit of background noise from movement.
0.14 “I was the first born grandchild, named after my pop. Mum was like; meet your granddaughter, her name’s Darcy. He was honoured but he’s like, you can’t call a beautiful baby girl Darcy.” *** Very clear voice.

Baby crying

0.28 “Obviously I grew a really, really close bond to my pop. My dad no being around, you know my pop was a … The first man I ever loved and probably ever will love with my whole heart.” *** Very clear voice.
0.42 “Back then it was nothing strange to smoke a packet a day so at least 20 cigarettes, which is crazy to think.” ** Cleat voice but some breathing wind noise.

Cigarette being lit.


0.50 “You know, in he’s later years, it caught up with him. Worst-case scenario, it was gangrene. They went in for the surgery.” ***Clear voice.
0.57 “Got his big toe cut off on his right leg” **Clear voice, small background noise from movement.
1.01 “Doctor come back and wasn’t really happy with it, so they said you know we’re just going to cut your leg off underneath the knee.” ** Clear voice, bit of breathing wind noise at beginning.
1.09 “Went back in for that, stapled his leg up, healing perfectly.” ** Clear voice, too close to microphone at beginning.
1.13 “And then, one morning, my mum got a call from the nurse and said aw we’ve had a bit of an accident” *** Clear
1.22 “Last two weeks he was in this hospital, you know they were meant to be the two weeks of recovery, but that was the last two weeks we would spend with him.” ***Clear.
1.28 “The final days, I just said to my mum and nan, I don’t want to see my best friend this way.” ** Clear voice, breathing wind noise.

Hospital beeping

1.37 “The 11th of June, 2007, we all lost our best friend and the rock of our family.” ** Clear voice, breathing wind noise.

Hospital beep

1.45 “I just, fell to my knees and just cried and cried and cried.” * Clear voice, more breathing wind noise.




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