My very first friend i made when i started university was an American student studying abroad for a semester. She had so much motivation to learn more about her subject (Journalism) in another country. She would tell me how much different everything was in Australia but how much this different approach of study about the same subject would take her further in her career.

13495214_1565186117116362_4369403602949771526_n.jpg  (Miss you J$)

Students from all over the world have an opportunity to study elsewhere but not all students have the motivation and determination or cultural expertise to do so.

Many students come to Australia and have trouble interacting with local people. Locals are seen as Parochialism meaning confined or restricted. They already have their friends and do what they like to do and are not willing to interact with international students. Not having good intercultural relations while studying abroad can ruin an experience completely!

In 2009-2010 Indian students were attacked in Melbourne Australia. The coverage was spread worldwide and affected Australian tourism and trade. Most students are a aware of a certain reputation Australia has and are taken back by the coverage of Australian attacks on international students. Globalisation of Australian education has changed not just international students opinion on Australia but locals also who were un-aware of the situation. A protest by Indian students took place in Melbourne after the attacks.

Meeting international students and watching them adapt to a different country but also to study was interesting and admiring. I hope local students will treat other internationals as they would want to be treated in another country.



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