I thought that maybe the person that had wrote the subject outline had made a typo while writing Bollywood. But no, Nollywood is in fact a thing.

Nollywood is the film industry that takes place in Nigeria. Seeing as not many people have heard of it, it’s hard to believe that it is the third largest film industry in the WORLD being a 3 billion dollar industry.


Nollywood film has never been screened in a cinema which explains the absence of international knowledge of the industry, although since 2000 the industry has travelled and undertaken a wide audience. Nollywood film focusses on producing content from the street of Nigeria and continue presenting Nigeria culture in every film. Their audience is very important to them as they play a major role in the production of films. Making sure that the audience understands what the film is about and not critiquing any people on the street.


And then a tad further towards the other side of the world we have, SOUTH KOREA. The seventh largest film market in the world. Unlike Nollywood, internationally we are a little more familiar with this market, thanks to this guy.


The Korean Wave is what we’re calling the phenomenon of all things Korean entertainment. Also unlike nollywood South Korea takes great pride in exporting their cultural entertainment world wide to rub in just how good they are at it. They also have higher income levels and production values which makes it a little easier for Korea to produce and also export.

Get out there and watch something new tonight.



Shocked gif

Gangnam style



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