Everyone knows whats up, the media is ruling the world!!! I can honestly say i do not go a single day without using it. I wasn’t lucky enough to have the internet or anything at my house until i was maybe 14. All my friends were online and watching youtube videos and all that funny stuff. But the second i got my first mobile phone i was hooked and i haven’t looked back. Media convergence as with everything has it’s pro’s and con’s. I’m going to begin with the pro’s!



A mobile phone. This type of media has converged potentially everything you need into one little device. I have an iPhone and honestly i wouldn’t be anywhere without it. First thing’s first, it has an alarm in it and that wakes me up. Then, as a journalism student i have to be on top of local news and being honest here i’m not going to walk down to coles and spend $1.40 on the Illawarra Mercury when i have it’s very own app that has all the update of news everyday. Then, i want to know what is happening in the world, i check twitter. What is trending is your important stuff, then my news pages that you follows. I can know everything i need too in minutes. Then i’m going to want some wake me up music, either go into Apple music and put on what i want or i’m going to go on my radio app and listen to some triple J with Matt and Alex. I’m going to want to ask my mum for some money and i’m not doing that via smoke signal, i’ll hit her up with a quick text message. No need to have 100 devices to go through your average day when one product does all.

Another pro of media convergence is that the audience has so much more control in media. The audience member becomes more of a producer and not much a consumer. Audiences can put out their say in anything by posting online with their opinions and ideas. Produces sometime thrive off the audience or don’t but either way the audience are further in the loop than ever. The the involvement with the audience and producers is really important and maintaining audiences satisfaction when is comes to some of their favourite things. The internet is used by talented people that can’t catch a break anywhere in the big wide web, creating something online and getting a few thousands of views can make things go viral in minutes.


LOSING REALITY!!! It’s easy to get sucked in by the satisfaction of having this power of the media and being a completely different person and doing so many things inside, all day, everyday. It’s making people too lazy to get out and so real things because it’s making lives easier and also non realistic. You lose social skills by not associating with others, you lose friends to talk to. Laziness becomes very dramatic and that can make you emotionally and physically sick. An anxiety comes with all this media convergence. Is it really here to better or us or are things going to eventually get worse for all social lives?








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