Ohhhhh, when you nod you head yes, but you want to say noooo. Enough Justin Bieber for this blog post. I’m actually a couple weeks late on this post because the week i was supposed to do this i had 3 assessments due and this just got thrown under the table until today when i was wondering why i didn’t have as many posts as i should!


Looking at this picture without thinking about it in any context it is a signifier, an angry man, holding some cigarettes to his head in a gun form. There is obviously more meaning behind why this is happening in the picture. That’s when the signified comes in, your own ideology about what does this whole thing mean to you. My ideology behind this one is that when you smoke, your potentially giving something the power to kill you. If you don’t smoke it, it doesn’t have an power to kill you. Just like if you hold a gun to your head and don’t pull the trigger, it doesn’t have any other power to kill you but your individual movements. Think about it, you would intentionally smoke a cigarette, knowing the possibilities but you wouldn’t pull the trigger from a gun which can potentially have the same outcome as smoking a cigarette.

This image can be read in a lot of different way towards what the meaning is of cigarettes taking in a gun form. I guess it depends on each ideology especially when it comes to everybody’s own body morals. People that do smoke on a daily basis can have a totally different idea about this image. I know my dad would look at this and wouldn’t even see it as a message to not smoke (but he really doesn’t look into anything). Advertisement images create an different idea to each and every person based on the way they were brought up or their morals or what they do on a daily basis. Some people can really be dragged in by advertisements just by what they see. “Omg Kendall Jenner just put on the Estee Lauder lipgloss and now she is flawless and invincible i need to have it” – It’s an advertisement to make you think that is how you will feel wearing it. Look behind the advertisement, weeks, days and hours get put into preparation of the advertisement to make it perfect. Hours of editing after it is made is put in to making it perfect. Each to their own ideology but everything in daily life can be read a different way.




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