Yes, it does matter and you don’t really realise until you really think about it. Different people around Australia own and control certain parts of the media that we use and see. But when you think about it, the media is feeding you all this information with a certain opinion that you automatically just take in and believe.

The media is used by big corporations and ran by rich influential people to be used as a tool of power over the people. Everything written or spoken can be produced in a biased direction as all news can potentially be by media owners to persuade audiences.

I can honestly say that i have never sat down and read or heard a story that argues both sides and all details of the matter, especially when heard about Australian politics. It gives me anxiety that i am living in a world where i am being fed information about news stories with an biased and self centred opinion to potentially lead me into voting or believing in things that i only know one theory about. News stories that are “news worthy” are picked and chewed before anything hits the tv or the paper. I’m not reading about real problems that are happening around the world on a daily basis because apparently Australia isn’t capable of needing to hear about it. I actually have to search different news pages from around the world on twitter and google to find about legit news in third world countries.

Who owns and controls what you use is a huge anxiety in the media industry. Not only can you be fed biased information about news but also anything you share can be taken and not be recognised as your original information. Plenty of people (including me) don’t take the time out to read the privacy policies of websites. During this post i took the time, to realise that in some cases basically states that anything potential you post they own.

Bottom line is it really DOES matter who owns media resources as it matters how they use it towards their audiences. Audiences are an important part of running a media outlet, the big companies need to be careful on what they use to try and keep that audience.




  1. This is a very well constructed argument. You have backed up everything you spoke about it, and for me, it was very alluring to read. I loved how you spoke about the rich using it as a tool for power over other people because I feel like that is a very strong aspect of the argument. When you think about who owns the media, however, I believe no matter who owns it, it is going to have an impact on society. So does it really matter who owns it at this point in time because no matter what someone is going to own it? In my research, I found this website and it is very interesting to see who actually does own the media http://www.businessinsider.com.au/these-6-corporations-control-90-of-the-media-in-america-2012-6 go check it out.
    Well done with your blog I’m loving it!


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