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The 21st century media is nothing less than scary. Not like when you were 12 and you had just started up your first bebo page and had to plug in the cord and wait 10 hours for the internet to connect along with the annoying alien nosies. Then your mum would scream ‘off the internet at 6, you’re costing me an arm and a leg’. The media today is included on every device you use in a normal day. That’s great if you’re an important business man that emails a billion people a day about important things. But, for the younger generation using media follows up with danger.

Anxiety overcomes all media users at some point throughout the experience, triggered mostly between the ages of 13-25. Cyber bulling is one of the most common anxieties caused by the media that we use. Anyone can say anything and be anyone behind a computer screen. The internet owns you and all of your content that you post. We expose our daily lives throughout Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and the other billion apps that are used daily. Allowing our friends and family to see what we are doing but anything you post can be held against you by any random person that comes across your post. Parents aren’t strict enough towards kids about how they use their devices causing them to explore media without the knowledge of bad things happening. It’s like an addiction, people get hooked on using media to expose a person inside of them that they wish they could be or are too scared to be.

People use the media also to voice their opinions on situations that are un-acceptable to say out in the open world. This causes anxiety as there are so many scenarios that can come from voicing your opinion online. Disapproval from viewers can cause backlash and can start a cyber bulling rampage with other people with the same views. A large group of social disapproval can lead to hate comments worse than the actual opinion. Opinions can be taken out of context of what you personally meant from people that do not have a clue who you are. Social humiliation can lead to affect your personal life such as your jobs or relationships just because you ‘tweeted’ how much you hated eating airport food but the people thought that you were being selfish because their are people with no food, it went viral and you’re seen as the bad person and have lost your job.

There are so many different aspects of media and how it is used by different audiences but the one thing that never dies is safety. Always remember that the media owns you once you post.





  1. We’ve hit some of the same points on our posts which I think just reiterates the mass anxiety we have about the technological age. What’s really interesting is that we have both kind of taken on a dystopian voice when discussing new media and technology, which says a lot about the human condition; we’re inherently fearful and anxious beings when it comes to new things. Also, I had completely forgotten about bebo – made me reminisce about the start of social media culture! x


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