Well, if you insist. For my first blog post, for my first week of my first year of University we were asked the question ‘why are you here?’. My first thought to this was ‘holy shit, why am i actually here’. I’m not at university because i have to be, but because i want to be. I’ve always wanted to be a little out of the box and do something different and make a change in someone’s world.

I live on Campus so the week before uni started the leaders took all of campus east’s first year students to uni for a uni smart talk. The guy asked for a raise of hands of the students that are at uni to make their parents happy. There was a lot of students that raised their hands. Trust me when i say, but my parents tried to talk me OUT of coming to Uni. Both my parents pulled out of school when they were in year 10 and got jobs, none of my aunties, uncles or cousins have gone to uni and most likely my unenthusiastic 16 year old brother won’t make the move either. So it’s safe to say that i am here because I have a goal and I am going to get it with or without a goalie in the way.

I’m studying a bachelor of Communication and Media Studies, no not because Sue Turnbull is the lecturer (we all know that’s a lie). I don’t play music, but i listen to it…a lot and i’m a bit of a fanatic. My ultimate goal in life was to work for Channel V (801 or 803 for any of you late Foxtel viewers) and report from music festivals, interview current artist and just announce the latest music news to Australia. But as of recent weeks Foxtel has cut channel V and cut my life, so i’m dropping out of uni…I’m kidding but in my depressed stages of hearing the news, i would be lying if i said i didn’t consider it. i’ve jumped back on my horse and i love uni. Working for a music channel is still the ultimate dream but from what i am learning already, i could come out of uni wanting to do something completely different. I guess i’m here to figure all of that out. But jeez, i only have 4 and a half years to figure that out, how will i ever do it?


-In loving memory of Channel V- tumblr_o0vdd7GYYX1tp1cdlo1_500.gif



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